Military Career Tutorial Walkthrough Mission 2 of 10

Posted by admin on 10th September 2009 in Military Walkthrough

Cash Flow for Capsuleers (2 of 10)


  Objective: Clear some pirates and rescue a miner
  Given: Skill book “Motion Prediction”
  Reward: New Frigate Ship “Condor”
  Bonus:  41,000 ISK


Mission Log: Reginald Mental (that’s me), Capt. This was a simple search and rescue mission in the same system. With the New guns, 75mm Gatling Rail I (2x) and the Antimatter charges, I had to change my default orbit setting to 2000m and again using the Civilian Shield Booster on and off (to keep my capacitor from dropping to low) to replenish my shields it was done very quickly. Just needed to clean out the wrecks for loot and find the missing miner, who had been ejected and was floating in space in a cargo container. Then I simply warped back to station and checked in with the agent and collect my reward and bonus. Of course got to remember to reload those 75mm Gatling Rail I’s with more ammo. Maybe I should put some in my cargo hold just in case.

– End Log –


  • Right click in open space and go to the bottom of the menu, ‘Agent Missions’ and warp to the ‘Encounter’
  • As I discussed before, right click the orbit icon in the window above the overview and select the ‘set default orbit distance’ and type in the value you want or need. I try and use the weapon accuracy range.
  • Getting a new ship can be a good thing, but be sure you are skilled to pilot it. Right click on the ship icon (or any item) and select the ‘Show Info’. This will bring up a info window. Look through the tabs. Attributes, Fittings and Prerequisites will be you most frequent ones. These will tell you the information about the item or ship (fittings, drone bay, cargo size, etc…) and what skills are needed.
  • There is some background music playing while in space and if you don’t mind it that’s fine. If you would like to turn it off, click the jukebox icon on the left hand side and you will gain access to the controls. If you want to adjust all other sound effects, use the escape key and go to the audio tab. If you use ‘Teamspeak’ you would also un-check the ‘Audio Enabled’ box to turn off all sound. While in Teamspeak this tends to get broadcast over the network to all and can confuse other players. Teamspeak is a group audio program used by many plays to chat vocally while in game.
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