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Send in the Clones

Posted by admin on 27th August 2009 in Character Development, Game Mechanics

Ok, yea that’s an old joke but I think it fits for a title. This is a brief overview of clones. In EVE a capsuleer (that’s you pilot) are immortal due to cloning. You are granted a clone ‘Clone Grade Alpha’, at no charge. The problem is the basic clone you get has a limited number of skill points that it can recieve. In other words if you have to many skill points from your training, they will not all transfer to your clone. The basic clone, ‘Clone Grade Alpha’, can only hold 900k skill points. If you have 1 million skill points (or more) you will loose all the skill points above 900k, and will randomly loose skills that you will have to re-learn them.

What you need to do to avoid this is to upgrade the clone. This will cost you some ISK, but it will be well worth it. It is a good idea to check your skill points and those of your clone every week or so (depending on game play and training) to check that your clone can handle the information dump it would receive if you are podded. Also dont try to get the most expensive one you can get, this would be a waste of ISK. Think of it as buying a 3-peice suit for a little baby, that would  fit a 6′ 5″ man. You dont know how long it will take for him to grow into it and what is he going to wear in the mean time? Just get a clone that has maybe a few million skill points above what you are now and upgrade when you need to.

Another thing to watch for is location of the clone.Your first clone location is where you entered EVE. If you have moved from there to greener pastures and have not yet found a home there is not much to worryabout. but if you have found a system you like and have a lot or your stuff there you should look at moving your clone there or at least close by.

There are a few other things you should know about dieing. If you are podded you will be transferredto your clone at the location it is at. You will have lost all your implants. If you do not have a ship here you will be given a lovely new rookie ship again. Will should at this point also purchase a new clone. If you do not purchase a new clone and you are podded again you will be put into a ‘Clone Grade Alpha’ and possibly lose skills (re-read the first paragraph if you have forgotten).

I hope that this information was a help to you. Please feel free to add a comment below and to subscribe to my blog to receive updates. If there is any thing you would like more information on or help with, please let me know.

Until next time, Fly Safe

Reggi Mental

Is Learning Wasted on the Newbie’s In EVE?

Posted by admin on 25th August 2009 in Character Development, Game Mechanics

One of the most forgotten area when training a new character in EVE is the Learning Skills. These skills do really only one thing for the character, help learn skills. The speed at which you learn skills is determined by your attributes, the higher you attributes the faster you learn. Here is a brief run down of the learning skills and the attributes they affect.

First of lets talk about skills. Each skill has a primary and a secondary attribute associated with it. The higher those attributes the faster it is to learn that skill. When you start a new character you start off with a set number for each attribute (between 8 and 9). There are 3 ways to change these numbers.

  • Remap your attributes
  • Implants
  • Learning skills

As a new character you get 2 free remapping of your attributes. This allows you to move a certain number of points from one attribute to another. After you use the free remaps any future remap will cost you 500k ISK and can only be done once a year.

Implants will allow you to add up to five points per attribute. The problem with these is the higher the implant the higher the cost, and if you are podded (killed and have to activate a clone) you will lose the implant. Also Implants can not be removed intact. This means that if you have a +3 implant and want to change it for a higher one, the +3 implant will be destroyed and you will not have the chance to save it or resell it. So trying to work your way up the implant ladder will get real expensive after awhile because you will lose the ISK from the previous implant.

Learning Skills allow you to add one point to an attribute per level. There are two levels to learning skills, Rank 1 and Rank 3. You must start with the Rank 1 skills first and get trained up to level 4 before you can start the Rank 3 version. This will give you a max of 10 points to add to an attribute (two skills per attribute, 5 levels per skill). The ‘Learning Skills’ gives you a 2% bonus to all you attributes. Below is a chart of each attribute and which Learning Skill and which implant slot improves it.

  • Intelligence – Slot 4 – Analytical Mind, Logic
  • Perception   – Slot 1 – Spatial Awareness, Clarity
  • Charisma     – Slot 5 -Empathy, Presence
  • Willpower    – Slot 3 – Iron Will, Focus
  • Memory       – Slot 2 – Instant Recall, Eidetic Memory

Intelligence and Memory will be the best ones to upgrade first, alternating between them and Learning and working your way up. As far as Implants my suggestion is to use the +1 limited ones until you are very comfortable in your skills of playing EVE. They are cheap and very very easy to get (almost impossible not to get sometimes).

A good order to the learning skills is get ‘Learning Skill’, ‘Analytical Mind’, and ‘Instant Recall’ up to lvl 3 each, then start the others and alternating them to get all the Rank 1 skills up to lvl 5.  You can interrupt skills if you need to learn something for a mission or piece of equipment and then go back to the learning skills. After you have all the Rank 1 skills up to lvl 5 you can start in on the Rank 3 skills and try for lvl 3 or 4. It may take two weeks to get all skill to this point but it will save you months in the long run.

I hope this helps you understand a bit more about learning skills and until next time, Fly Safe.